bike tire belts

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bike tire belts


these awesome and eco-friendly belts are made from actual recycled bicycle tires.   each is unique due to variations in the type of tire used and the amount of wear that each shows from its prior life as a tire.   variations may include slightly more or less tread and a difference in width from 1" to 1 1/2".   all are black, as shown.   added bonus: the buckle is easily changed out, should you want to add your favourite buckle! 

  • small 27-33"
  • medium 31"-37"
  • large 35"-41"


handmade by julien jaborska of portland, or.  julien is an all-around bike enthusiast, and rides around portland gathering discarded bike tires.   he makes them into these sturdy, unique belts so that the otherwise-garbage tires can have a new life.  

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